The Hive

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RLF Victor Productions, Ricki Landers Friedlander, Cindy Friedlander, Marshall Terril, Barbara Leigh


Based on a boutique modeling/talent agency in Los Angeles, "The Hive" is a gripping reality television show that follows a trio of idolmakers who mold and shape a group of young women with aspirations in modeling, acting and music. The journey includes plenty of glitz, glamor and extreme makeovers tempered with intense competition, heartache and a stroll down the boulevard of broken dreams. But for those who reach the end, the ultimate prize is stardom.

Barbara Leigh

Barbara Leigh

One of the most beautiful women of her era, actress and model Barbara Leigh brings a wealth of real life experience and cache in Hollywood to the Hive. As a longtime girlfriend of legends Elvis Presley, Steve McQueen and MGM studio head James Aubrey , the subject of a now coveted celebrity layout in Playboy, an acting career that gave her Vampirella legendary cult status, Barbara knows the inside reality of the biz and celebrity better than anyone. Barbara is the Queen Bee of the Hive Agency, cultivating her proteges as they scrape, battle and sting their way up the success ladder!

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