Fame & Fortune Rory Storm & the Hurricanes Confessions of a Music Man Hollywood 1939 The Perseverence of Rita Hayworth Joplin Jimi Beau Mutant Killer Babies


The Adventures of Billy & Joey The Time is Now The Moguls The Hive

Fame & Fortune

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Sonny West lives high as best friend and bodyguard to Elvis Presley for 16 years until the pressures of fame lead Elvis into a drug addicted self-destructive downward spiral. Sonny's attempts to save Elvis ultimately cause disastrous consequences for both.

Rory Storm & the Hurricanes

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"For forty years, every band has wanted to be bigger than the Beatles. This is the true story of the one band that was... and its leader, Rory Storm."

RORY STORM AND THE HURRICANES is an electrifying mix of drama and comedy that celebrates sex, youth, and rock 'n' roll, set to the incendiary beat of the music that ignited a worldwide cultural revolution.

Confessions of a Music Man

A music biography and expose of the sordid under-workings of the New York music scene of the 1960's. Based on the true life story of a legendary music producer at Atlantic Records whose life was ruthlessly destroyed by the Mob as they muscled their way into the major music labels of the time. Think "Goodfellas" meets rock n' roll. For sake of discretion, the names have been altered accordingly, giving this story a twist thatís never been done before.

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Cindy Friedlander, Michael Schlau

Hollywood 1939

The gritty and compelling story of one young producer's heartbreak and loss as he ruthlessly tears his way up the studio ladder of the glamorous Hollywood studio system. While the classic movies of all time, such as "Gone with the Wind" and "Wizard of Oz" are being filmed, Elliot Canyon wants to make his movie the greatest of all and risks everything he has obtained to do so. A tale of historical fiction that gives insight into the glamorous world of Hollywood in 1939, while dealing with the complexity of a film industry run by Jews denying their heritage, who were forced to look the other way as World War II began.

Tyrone Power Jr. joins RLF Victor Productions to co-produce and co-write with Cindy Friedlander and Michael Schlau.

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Cindy Friedlander, Michael Schlau, Tyrone Power Jr.

The Perseverence of Rita Hayworth

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The silver screen's Technicolor "Love Goddess" personified the movies golden age of glamour. Among all of the beautiful women of Hollywood's world of movie stars, Rita Hayworth was among the most memorable based solely on her accomplishments, personal and professional, against what may justly be called overwhelming odds.


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A celebration of a musical genius and a gritty look at the life and death of Janis Joplin in the culture shifting times of the 1960's. No one has ever sung the blues like Janis, the social outsider whose wailing lyrics touched a chord in every young person of her generation, and this film will show the world why.


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An inspiring and revealing story about the meteoric rise of Jimi Hendrix and his tragic death. This film will allow the truth of Jimi's talent to be showcased in a way that only Jimi Hendrix could have imagined. Rae Ray Goldman, the worldwide acknowledged leading expert on Jimi Hendrix joins RLF Victor Productions as script consultant.


Beau Brummel was the most famous of the dashing young men of the Regency and one of the most noted figures in the creation of our more modern version of menís styling. His reckless lifestyle, royal connections and influence and have made him a lasting romantic figure of history.


Mutant Killer Babies

Based on a treatment by Stephen Bogart. Stephen Bogart and Cindy Friedlander team up on the screenplay writing of this compelling original narrative that blends the paranormal with horror for a thriller which can be fully executed as a feature film, mini-series, cable film or television series. Mutant Killer Babies has the potential of limitless sequels, prequels and/or episodes. It will be produced in both 2D and 3D.

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Cindy Friedlander, Stephen Humphrey Bogart

The Adventures of Billy & Joey

This animated children's fantasy adventure series is set to become a classic as three young children are forced to face adversarial situations at home, school and in the playground to learn real life lessons. The concept was written and created by legendary Juno award winning music producer Bob Gallo and features his original songs.

The Time is Now

An animated series that teaches children the value of their individual contribution to the world environment within an enchanting and mystical framework. An original concept of Beatle sister Lou Harrison, who's "We Care Global Family Charitable Foundation" has been teaching children her "we are all drops in one ocean" for many years.

The Moguls

The Dawn of Cinema - This dramatic mini-series will follow the fascinating lives of the five men who were responsible for the creation of Hollywood. From five cent Nickelodeons, to talkies, to technicolor, this epic tale spans decades until the year 1939, allowing this important time to be finally understood.

The Hive

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Based on a boutique modeling/talent agency in Los Angeles, "The Hive" is a gripping reality television show that follows a trio of idolmakers who mold and shape a group of young women with aspirations in modeling, acting and music. The journey includes plenty of glitz, glamor and extreme makeovers tempered with intense competition, heartache and a stroll down the boulevard of broken dreams. But for those who reach the end, the ultimate prize is stardom.

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