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Sonny West lives high as best friend and bodyguard to Elvis Presley for 16 years until the pressures of fame lead Elvis into a drug addicted self-destructive downward spiral. Sonny's attempts to save Elvis ultimately cause disastrous consequences for both.


When Sonny West meets Elvis Presley his life is altered forever. It's a huge chance for a poor Southern boy to ride with Elvis and experience the grand tour of life: partying with movie stars and musicians; long weekends in Vegas; hanging with The Beatles and Nixon; and experimenting with the psychedelic highs of the culture shifting flower child era.

Sonny's struggle to protect his idol's life grows more difficult as Elvis faces his many disappointments, ranging from his frustration of being typecast in mediocre movies to recognizing his fall from the cutting edge of music to losing the women he truly loved. Elvis searches for true answers to his spiritual questions and longs to bring even more to the world. By his late thirties, Elvis's use of over prescribed drugs rolls into a full blown addiction. When Sonny tries everything he knows to intervene and bring Elvis back to health, he finds himself fired with three days severance pay. The choices Sonny makes then, in trying to send the man he loves a message to shake him back to his senses, and the consequences that follow continue to haunt Sonny to this day.

Story By (Click on Name for Full Bio)

Cindy Friedlander,Sonny West

Screenplay By (Click on Name for Full Bio)

Cindy Friedlander, Michael Schlau,Clay Ayers

Additional Elvis Presley Vocals By (Click on Name for Full Bio)

Doug Church, Rick Lenzi


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